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Business Plan Template : A complete and customizable tool.


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What does the Business Plan Template contain? business plan

A complete Business Plan of more than 40 pages


The “ Business Plan ” model, comprising more than 40 pages, was developed with the supervision of banking advisors, accountants and a professional in the sector.

It covers the essential elements for an effective presentation of your project.

You can easily personalize this template to make it unique to your business.

In this Business Plan template you will find the following elements:
– A description of the market dynamics
– Future industry trends
– The 8 key success factors
– A project presentation template
– 4 unique value propositions
– Presentation of project leaders
– The main segments of your market
– A SWOT analysis
– A study of the competitive environment
– The competitive advantages to be exploited
– An action plan over a period of 3 years
– A Business Model Canvas
– The marketing strategy to attract customers
– A marketing acquisition strategy in 5 steps
– A risk management policy
– A summary of the strong points of your project
– Financial forecast tables

No prior knowledge is required.

Customize your financial forecasts in seconds with our Excel file

Our automatable Excel file is designed to allow you to customize your financial forecasts in seconds. It has built-in formulas that simplify the process of creating your financial projections.

In this file, you will find all the essential financial tables and indicators for a financing request:
– Initial financing plan
– Table of fixed assets
– Amortization of loans
– Forecast turnover
– Working capital requirement
– Forecast income statement
– Forecast cash flow plan
– Forecast balance sheet
– Break-even threshold
– 3-year financing plan

Thanks to our model, you will be able to present a solid financial analysis to your banker or your investors. business plan

business plan icon

A hundred additional icons allowing you to personalize your Business Plan endlessly

At the end of your Business Plan, you will find 3 pages of additional icons and photos which will allow you to very easily personalize your presentation.

The Business Plan template can be modified with Microsoft Powerpoint, Keynote or even Google Slides (then optionally exported to PDF format).

You can also personalize your presentation by adding your logo, your own photos, the name of your main competitors, additional data concerning your local market, etc. But you can also just modify the text.

Why invest in a Business Plan ?

Yes, acquiring a Business Plan model is an investment, it is not a burden.

So if you want to create this project and you are looking for bank or investor financing for your project!

You will need a compelling and professional business plan template that highlights your innovative ideas and growth potential.

With the Business Plan model, you have in hand a complete and customizable tool that will allow you to make your dreams come true.

  • Clarify your vision and objectives with our comprehensive and customizable business plan template.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of your project and structure your entrepreneurial approach.
  • Attract investors and partners with a neat and impactful visual presentation.
  • Plan your resources and expenses, anticipate risks and opportunities, and measure your progress.
  • Simplify administrative procedures and optimize your chances of success.
  • Save considerable time and easily customize your business plan.
  • Benefit from personalized support from experts and regular, free updates.

– Business Plan Model –

Comparison table: Traditional business plan vs. BusinessConceptor

Heavy and complicated stepsNecessary timeWith BusinessConceptor
Market research and analysis20 hoursIncluded in the model
Content writing30 hoursModel ready to personalize
Creation of the financial plan40 hoursExcel file included
Formatting and presentation10 hoursProfessional design
Updates and adjustments20 hoursExpert support and free updates

By opting for our model, you save precious time. Additionally, our template is designed to be easily customizable and tailored to this industry.


“Individual entrepreneurs”
“Existing businesses growing”
“Small local businesses”
“Non-profit organizations (NGOs)”
“Young graduates wishing to start their own business”
“Independent professionals”
“Business management consultants”
“Business incubator”
“Entrepreneurs looking for financing”
“Business leaders”
“The project leaders”

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“Quick responses to customer queries”
“Quick and reliable immediate download”
“Regular product updates”
“Transparent and clear communication”
“Guaranteed confidentiality and security”
“Attentive monitoring of requests and problems”
“Special discounts and exclusive offers”


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